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:icontransparentplz::iconzaniflailgasmplz: AWESOME STUFF I FAVVED! :iconzaniflailgasmplz:

1500 watchers!!! 

112 deviants said Congrats for having all kind of perverts watching you!!!
63 deviants said WOOT!!!
39 deviants said Clicky things!!!!
13 deviants said REALLY?!!?!?
5 deviants said Really?






Art by: :iconyaoi-master-forever: yaoi-master-forever.deviantart…

This might explain things.



Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.12.53 AM by Zani-Loki

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.13.01 AM by Zani-Loki

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.13.08 AM by Zani-Loki

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.13.17 AM by Zani-Loki

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Got my art taken down from that page! It certainly took them a sweet time ugh. 

I'm gonna have to watermark shit from now on -_-

If your art also got stolen, fill the report! IT WORKS!


AGAIN this fucking imbecile piece of shit is stealing art from not only me, but other artists in AnimeOTK, stealing along the google results that the users of AOTK battle so much to keep the site up. 

Please! Facebook users, can you help me out reporting the stupid page?

I got blocked, but anyway I already filled out the copyright infringement.…

This just makes me want to put a big ass watermark in my art. 
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Si yo fuera una sirena me encantaría ser exactamente como esta.

También producto de mi brownie mágico.


If I were a mermaid I'd love to be exactly this one.

Also a product of my magic brownie.
I felt like Quetzalcoatl by Zani-Loki
I felt like Quetzalcoatl
Después de un quequito mágico, wey me sentí exactamente así, cómo se sentiría volar sobre la suave brisa en una noche clara como esta.

Estaba muy estresada y después de trabajar mucho decidí tomarme un descanso. Me gusta la luz y el contraste en colores de las plumas...


After a magic brownie, man I felt exactly this, how soaring the soft breeze would feel in a clear night like tonight.

I was way too stressed and after working a lot I decided to take a break. I like the light and the contrast in colors of the feathers...

Chill <3
Trails in the Sky - Commission by Zani-Loki
Trails in the Sky - Commission
This is soooo cool!!! Love these kind of commissions! Too bad I am not gonna risk ending suspended for butts again. 

You can look at it in my gallery at animeotk 
It's HUGE! She's really happy, and I managed to recover some of her pictures and whatnot. 

I can keep trying to move on now, thoughts still run rampant in my head. The nightmares are less, I'm sleeping better now.

I spent almost all day configuring and doing some errands but I will continue my work as usual. I will post the list of pending commissions here and tell you whenever I do livestreams. 

1.- :iconbrentnuva: - WIP 50 hours of drawings
2.- hrtofdrkns - AOTK - WIP
3.- Chicago Spanking Review - Email - WIP
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Jill - Commission 2-12 by Zani-Loki
Jill - Commission 2-12
The rest of the commissions are going to be posted on <--- Spanking Art Site
Jill - Commission 1-12 by Zani-Loki
Jill - Commission 1-12
Since this is safe to be posted I could post it here.

The rest are going to be posted on <-- spanking art site. 
The goal has been reached! I can buy my mom her new iPad now!

I just need the transference to show on my bank and I'll see to that!

I am going to livestream now:
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:star: I want to thank :iconclockchat: for his huge help donating me 1000 pesos, which is about 60 dollars. I have never met him for real, but this just helps reminding people that sometimes your internet friends are more of a help and support than your own people nearby. He doesn't want me to draw anything for him, and as he said "drawing a smile on my mom's face every time I see her should be enough payment". Darn, what can I do to repay friends like these? :heart:

:star: I also want to thank :iconkitty-mikado: for buying a whole lot of 50 dollars of commissions, which is about 12.5 hours of slaving me drawing for her :heart:
She's been with me since it has happened, offering to stay up with me and handle the pain and bad feelings no matter what, being the most supportive person I have absolutely ever EVER met, and I've met people who I thought were supportive before, that just ditched me like a piece of garbage. Kitty? OH NOT KITTY, you don't even know how many tries at making me laugh have failed and yet she's there trying and trying until I do feel better and laugh again until another shitty thought creeps on my stupid brain and always makes it all BETTER. You're my best friend, Kitty. Also thank you for the christmas present, gotta take pictures of it!

:star: I also want to thank her girlfriend for donating 17 dollars, which was the only thing she's got on herself, who has a lot of shit going on as well, and gave me that despite it all, and I know that at least she has the most amazing person as a girlfriend by her side to deal with the shittiness of life. 

:star: I also want to thank the person I don't know who it is on DA, but was the first on donating me 5 dollars. Don't think is not too much, because those 5 dollars could be the difference on getting it sooner or not!

I am going to work in my regular job as I said, but offering extra commissions is also something that will help me get there faster. I just hate to see my mom so down, specially in christmas.

Last night someone robbed our house while I was still IN.
It was something so terrifying, to know I was here ALONE and didn't hear a thing while someone got in through the window, took some valuables, scrambled drawers, and just took things from my mother... robbed some of my mom's jewels, about 300 dollars, her wedding ring, all the credit cards (which were promptly cancelled and didn't use any) and her motherfucking loved iPad. 

I am trying to get money to buy her an amazing iPad pro of 128 GB, the best thing because she deserves it. If you get to know my mother be assured that in 5 minutes you'd want her as your mom. 

If you saw my mother almost giving up to an attack you'd want to buy her the world.

They not only stole our things, but also our sense of safety.

The most important thing is that no one is hurt, or suffering emotional consequences, not even the dogs were harmed, just thinking that they would have been hurt or stolen along makes me go mad with grief!

I am sad, frustrated, angry, I don't even know what would have been the best thing! To not even know he was here, to confront it and risk my life, I barely slept two hours, my parents slept none.
We searched the house in case whoever got in didn't manage to get out in time, me wielding my bow, but he was gone.

The police of course is not reliable in Mexico, if we let them in they would just check out the rest of our stuff and come back themselves to steal everything.

I tried the find my iPad function already, but until someone connects it to wifi, it will be useless.


I am managing as many commissions as I can with the new quality I am using, at a charge of 4 USD the hour. 

I will get a description of what you want with references or detailed description of characters, poses, whatever fits you, I'll give you an estimate of the time and after the transaction I will start drawing. 

If for any reason I am not finished, it will work in an 'insert coin' mode, I'll ask you for more money to finish. 

I know this is usually not my style of charging up for things, but please, you have to understand, I need extra money apart from my current job to afford it and give my mom a piece of what she lost. 

I can't give her her wedding ring back. I can't give her the many many MANY pictures she took. I can't give her anywhere to watch netflix on, I can't give her her sense of safety either, I can't do what she's done for me since I was born, to go over her all scared and know everything would be fine because my mom was there.

I can't repay her, I couldn't even helped her enough to sleep at peace, at all. She is restless and scared and if I can somehow give her something she really enjoyed, I guess I will be able to deal with this survivor's guilt that is clawing at my insides.


1.- :iconanimeloveranddl087: - WIP
2.- :iconanimeloveranddl087: - WIP
3.- :iconanimeloveranddl087: - WIP
4.- :iconbabylonagon: - WIP
5.- :iconbabylonagon: - WIP
6.- Psyches - AOTK
7.- :iconrazzy234: AOTK - WIP
8.- raiern AOTK - WIP
9.- Charles - Email - WIP
10.- Zae - WIP 
11.- Zae - WIP 
12.- Zae - WIP 
13.- Zae - WIP 
14.- :iconbrentnuva: - Pending decision
15.- :iconbrentnuva: - Pending decision
16.- :iconbrentnuva: - Pending decision
17.- :iconbrentnuva: - Pending decision
18.- :iconbrentnuva: - Pending decision
19.- hrtofdrkns - AOTK - WIP

PS: Donations are also accepted.

Please. Please, help me out. English and drawing are the only things I'm good at.
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SkulLewis by Zani-Loki
Been a while since I drew something and since it's the day of the dead, I supposed Lewis was great canvas for a sugar skull!
Blue Obsession by Zani-Loki
Blue Obsession
So, there has been a few new things in my life. 

I've been working at my present job for a year. Cool.

I've just had my three month anniversary with my very first boyfriend. Oh yeah. [He's a sweetie <3]

Last week I dyed and cut my hair to look this awesome. 

Tonight I'm going to eat my usual favorite chicken wings like every Wednesday [Which I now call WINGS WEDNESDAY]. 

After that I go to the Avengers age of Ultron midnight premiere because we get it a day earlier.

Life is good.


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LeonTekashi Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
As I said on another site, please hang in there. You and your mother have my sympathy.
Zani-Loki Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much, we're hanging there alright!
iiTemZ Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015  New Deviant Student Artist
now my butt is agry at me for looking XDDDDDDDD Jk
S--I--M--P--L--Y Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do u happen to make the butt shaking icons like your own? 
If so, how much would one be? .3. 
Zani-Loki Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry I don't do them anymore
S--I--M--P--L--Y Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you know anyone else that does? I've always wanted a few of them. 
Zani-Loki Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, only I made them
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JustInItForComments Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015
One of the scariest zelda moments... EVER. 
SenXIII Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015
The booty stares into your soul. BAD BOOTY! *smack*
kittenlover10 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh my freaking god your icon made my day
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